Welcome to Tranquil Power Life Coaching

Welcome to Tranquil Power Life CoachingWelcome to Tranquil Power Life CoachingWelcome to Tranquil Power Life Coaching

Pam Malow-Isham


Helping transform fears and setbacks into victories, one person at a time.


Are you stuck and need a little assistance discovering what is next for you?

Do you have thought patterns and behavioral patterns which do not serve you?

Do you have a willingness to be teachable and delve into your greatness?

Are you open to new ways of thinking, responding and looking at life?

Will you be truthful at looking at yourself with what works and what doesn't? 

And then do something about it with deliberate action and focus?

Are you ready to overcome your challenges and become unstoppable?

Then Tranquil Power Life Coaching is for you. You are worth it!

When we put are dreams down on a vision board, Miracles Happen!

Attend the next vision board workshop to realize your dreams.

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What are you attracting?

"Your happiness and power comes from within. When you realize how much you are loved by the Eternal One, how valuable and beautiful you are as a person, life becomes a fun grand adventure. You become filled with tranquil power. Not in a narcissistic kind of way, but in a calm, tranquil way that you are not looking for outside people, positions or things to validate your self-worth." Pam Malow-Isham

Brilliant Words To Grow By. 

A Devotional Celebrating the Duality of Life

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“My life coach, Pam, has facilitated my transformation. I had a strong sense of what changes I wanted to make, but I was a little over-whelmed and experiencing difficulty keeping my life balanced. All that has changed. Pam has been my guide, giving me tools that motivate and energize so I can accomplish my goals at a faster pace, with greater ease and living my priorities every day. I’m loving life!!!” Deborah Smith, Physical Therapist, CMT

“Pam is a naturally gifted Life Coach. She helped me figure out my passion; what I really want. She helped me prioritize personal and business goals into a manageable fashion that allowed me to quickly feel successful, which has created an overall positive momentum. Pam has been a joy to work with. She possesses a wealth of experience, a great sense of humor and has a generous soul.” Dorothy D. Caldwell MA, LPC

“Since we have been working together I have made continual progress. No steps back so far! She has given me many tools that I can drawn on for the rest of my life and I am really glad that I worked with her!”  Jill Day, Financial Planner

“In the seven weeks I spent with Pam I learned to remember the things I wanted, the dreams I had put aside to meet the needs of others. Pam helped me to realize I don’t have to put my life on hold. We worked on prioritizing, planning, accountability and an attitude of gratitude. She gave me words to meditate on that promote peace and harmony, quotes to uplift and assignments to make me want to think, plan and do. Pam gave me confidence by helping me to realize just how much our heavenly Father loves and wants the best for me. She helped me to find my personal power and gave me exercises to draw on that power when I need it and a CD to meditate on when I feel that power waning. Finally, she recorded a CD of the future with all my dreams in reality. We have the power to have the future we want, we have but to reach out and grab it. Honor the commitments to yourself! Thank you Pam,”  Sheila Johnson, Women, Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend, Personal Banker and child of the King.


Additional Information


I will be holding a class on 4/30/20 @ 7:00-8:30 PM, 

Let me know which one you would like to attend so I cand send you the zoom link.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you choose.

Looking forward to seeing you on zoom.

Let's stay healthy together.

Intentionally Manifest your Dreams at the


Create Your Life Vision-Board Workshop

“Write the vision; make it plain upon tablets, so he may run who reads it. “ Habakkuk 2:2

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18



Most of us have fleeting ideas of what we want to be, do or have in our lives. But they remain just that: fleeting. After all, who has the time to intentionally get clear about what we want to create?

A Vision Board is a way to sell your own, and God’s ideas to yourself, to

anchor to your dreams and to allow the promises of God to come true!

As someone who has made my own Vision Boards (and manifested some

amazing results!), I’ve learned it’s more than just slapping a picture onto a

poster board. It’s about first getting clear on what God purposes for your life is, deciding what you want, letting go of what’s in the way – and then clearly connecting with your dreams while designing a vision that calls to you.

That’s why I’m leading this one-time-only CREATE YOUR LIFE VISION-BOARD WORKSHOP... to give you the space you need to intentionally define your dreams and create a Vision Board that will effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes to you!


What are you waiting for?

Life is short.


  • Due to the pandemic, the class is canceled until it is safe to gather again. 

Date: 2020                                                                    Time: 9:30—2:30

Price: $39,  Day of the event, $47

Location:   Woodhaven Senior Community Clubhouse, G-5201 Woodhaven Court, Flint, MI 48532 

Off S Dye Rd. and Corunna Rd. All the way to the back

You can pay by Cash, Check, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or I have a Square. Message me your preferred payment type at pam@tranquilpower.com or 810-869-2288rizes and Lots of Laughs.

PLUS you will also get a Positive Priming Session  (A virtual Vision Board for your phone or computer) valued at over $50!

Have 4 friends sign up with you and pay, yours is free!

About Pam Malow-Isham

 Pam is the author of “Brilliant Words To Grow By. A Devotional Celebrating The Duality Of Life.”

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press in the Hard, Soft and E-Book formats.

Pam has searched for a straightforward and accessible way to live happy and fulfilled. She has found the answer in Jesus Christ . . . simply trusting God, believing what He says and then declaring it over your life.

She has changed her inner dialog from self-condemnation and shame to self-confidence and courage. Pam is convinced that you too can wake up to your own greatness and appreciate your value and individual gifts. She believes you can live everyday knowing you are loved, adored, and a co-creator of your destiny in partnership with the most powerful Source in the universe. When you realize you are responsible for your own happiness and how you respond to every thought and experience, there really is no reason to ever have a bad day again.

Pam’s gift is to help people feel good. She practices this through massage therapy, ballroom dance instruction, being on ski patrol, and being a life coach.

Pam assists people in reaching their dreams and goals through tranquil power.

As an advanced master gardener, Pam spends her free time working in her flower and vegetable gardens. She also volunteers at her church, Faith Tabernacle, with the Food Pantry ministry, Encouraging girlfriend group, Altar team ministry, Divine Encounter Prayer Ministry, and is a Trustee on their board.

Pam married Gary Isham in 2002, and she adores his two dynamic, loving children, Logan and Sagen. Pam and Gary love to play with their dogs, Minnie and Tinkerbell, hike the woods in northern Michigan, kayak the Pine River, share about the benefits of positive declarations and travel around the world.

Love the life you live!

Fulfill your dreams and goals with tranquil power.

Claim your Tranquil Power Today.

It is time to own your power and contribute big to the world!


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